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    Letter to Love

    Although I have nothing now, knowing I had something once and now I no longer have it makes me feel like I’ve lost something. I’ve lost way too many things in my life to lose you as well. Isn’t it ironic how by acting this way I’m losing you anyway? Fact is, I need you more than anything and I feel like I couldn’t live without you. So it’s better for me to maintain you in your high chair and never have you than to lose you (again). Yes, I’ve met you in the past, this is not the first time for me. And every time I’ve met you, I…

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    3 F’s to Get Rid of Expectations

    “I know your image of me that’s what I hope to be” Every single day of our lives we are presenting the world with countless masks: personal, social, professional. What these do is they try to maintain the persona that we KNOW we should amount to: the perfect child or the rebel, the ideal employee, the best friend forever or the perfect partner. When all of this BS becomes too much depends on each individual – there is no general guideline for each of our limits. There is however, a particular one – our emotions. I trust that you are out of F’s to give if you are reading this.…

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    3 Steps to Overcoming Energetic Exhaustion – Energetic Garlic for Energy Vampires

    Have you ever felt exhausted for no reason? Have you ever felt drained at the end of the day, or even at the end of a conversation but everything you did that day was routine? Then it’s most likely you’ve met an Energetic Vampire, or what we like to call here at spiritualsettlers.com, an overzealous energy exchange trader. Truth is, vital energy is what keeps the Universe, including us, moving and prospering. There is no being alive that has a cell and isn’t a “trader” in this energy exchange. Vital energy is divided in two very distinct and unique elements: electricity and magnetism. We embed both of these two energy…

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